The first step of a start-up is so hard

After reading wicked problem in design thinking several times, I still don’t know what is exactly design thinking is. I was seeking the meaning. There is one moment I was enlighten, I want to share with others what I drew from this article about design thinking.
Whenever people tend to create, design or plan an idea in order to shape a better human experience, there is design thinking embedded. Design thinking already expanded all areas of our daily life. We don’t need to speak of it everyday, because we are thinking that way. Once everyone is a designer, everyone should be able to think as a designer sometimes. This should not be a term being talked about all the time. It is not going to be gone by not saying it, neither by saying it. The effort we should do is to make majority of people consciously take advantage of design thinking in doing.

The night before, R, Saad and I just met for a while at night. Something interesting came out. Two symbols of Chinese characters are invented. At least, I consider them as characters. They are both invented in online communication in our traditional way of creating characters which is based on symbolic signs. Once the character囧 came out. Even you don’t know what it means, how it pronounces. You can probably still get the meaning. This is great. In addition, someone also invented orz, as you can see, it is a combination of English letters. However, the form itself give you an illustration of a person kneeing down. There is a vivid story behind it. Imagination of the context will fulfill the meaning of this interesting way of communication.

The communication is in revolution.


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  1. It looks like there are a few updates need to made

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