Their design thinking

The last meeting with the manager and the shareholder lasted for 5 hours. From one topic to another, they just showed their design thinking without any doubts. Even the shareholder didn’t attend my lecture on contextual research, she still tried to make her point on conducting research which is basically contextual research methods. She doesn’t know those terms and the way of what she was thinking, but she knows exactly what to do and how to do. This is a surprise.
How many times people applied design thinking in their activities? Countless. Why we are saying it all the time even it seems everyone already possess this ability? I may not be able to answer this question at this moment. It will be the question I have to figure out in the next step.


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  1. R

    I am a little confused about what is going on here. It sounds like you are saying that they are already using design thinking on a daily basis and that there maybe just be a disconnect in the language (what we call this thing that we and they do). One thing that we must always know is how our client speaks and the language that they use. Its kind of an assessment of the culture and context. This is much like the Art of War. Understand the adversary and the terrain that you will be fighting on. Walk soft!

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