design and innovation

Why should not do this?
I always asked myself. One of the other college teacher who also works in the design team, his statement today was really where the problem coming from.
The conversation is like this.
I said”Why don’t we produce tens of sketches or ideas in a couple of days and choose from them and refine them?”
He said”That is definitely something we should not do. First, we are not paid that well to work that hard; second, this is how you work in the US, not in China, and most Chinese design firms are doing this. You are wasting your time. The last, our ability is not able to do that.”
I was wordless.
I was pissed off at that moment. However, I have to face the truth here. A month ago, I really believed probably the problem is coming from the world outside design field. Now I know the problem is right there in the center of design.
How? Why?What to do?
Next challenge for me.

However, I think I made a step forward with my presentation. Tracing back to the first one and the second one, there are more people coming. However, the correspondences are fewer. Incorporating with questions and discussion really helps me a lot. Once I saw some engineering teams hanging their drawings on the wall, I was really happy and satisfied. The happy moment was exemplified by a colleague who mindmaps her work.

Keep working hard.


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