Innovator’s dilemma in China

At the very beginning, it will make better sense if the concept or definition of innovation is given. There are a lot of media buzz in China about innovation. What innovation means in China is really focusing on technology and ideas, but the diffusion of innovation.
After given the concept of innovation, we could talk about what kind of situation innovators are facing here in China. Once we went through Christensen’s book one more time, an illustration will jump into our eyes. The graph shows the relationship between the line of the customer’s need, and either sustaining innovation or disruptive innovation.
I want to make an extension of this graph. There would be likely another line called the line of customer’s desire or expectation. The absolute distance from the point on sustaining innovation or disruptive innovation to the point on customer’s need or expectation zone will determine which probably could make a better market or diffuse the specific innovation faster. However, in this case, China is still nowhere in the graph, neither its technology nor its innovation.
Currently, most of the businesses are looking at only at the line of sustaining innovation from abroad. They overlooked or neglected the line of customer’s need. Is this a time to change our way of thinking? Gaining competitive advantages requires both technology and meeting the need-desire zone.


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