Talk to Human Resource

Exchanging some ideas with HR manager this morning, we were talking about some of my thoughts about the organizational structure and how to create a multi layer entity. HR manager was really interested in what I was talking, and inspired by some of my visualizations. I was quite happy. Then she started talking to me about her idea towards the company. I had some other understanding of problems within the company from some different perspectives. The relationships among everyone, details of this company-wide social innovation, and tensions within this atmosphere, they all depicted a 3 dimensional matrix in my mind.
With further discovery day by day, I felt really satisfied, just because a wicked problem is emerging in front of me. This is fascinating.

In the afternoon, a great news to me. I have contacted a chief engineer in ministry of industry and information technology department of the P.R.C. She gave me a further contact who is the current secretary of Industrial Design Association in China. I can really reach someone from the top. Maybe my study will go further.


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